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20 Tips To Keep Positive

Hi my lovelies! I’m sorry that it has been a while since I have posted the start of June and the end of May was crazy busy for me! From moving back home to my birthday and all sorts of family functions! But I’m sure this post that you have all been waiting for makes up for it.

Trying to stay positive can be hard at times. I was negative before I used to think why did this happen to me? What have I done wrong to deserve this? I changed my mindset, people I surround myself with, I read more books and I really changed a lot about myself because I wanted to succeed and be the best version of myself. I did not like the negative thoughts or the way I was talking myself down. I am going to be sharing with you my top 20 tips to stay positive. Before this blog post does go on I will just like to say that the things I have done have not happened overnight it has taken me time and I took small steps to become positive and keep staying positive. And I am a big believer in the law of attraction, which is where a lot of the tips have come from. If any entrepreneur, mind coach, or public figure have used these tips that I am sharing with you I would like to credit them because I am sure somewhere along the line I have picked up these tips from them. Three people I will like to credit because I know I have picked these tips up is from their posts is Kaushal, Vex King and Rhonda Bryne.

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  • First things first remove negative people from your life. This is probably one of the hardest ones as those people can be friends, family or work colleagues. You don’t know who is negative and bringing negativity into your life by the ways of talking.


  • Secondly it is important to surround yourself with positive people. It may seem easy but the people that are always motivating you, supporting you, encouraging you and helping you to achieve your goals and dreams are the type of people you want to be spending your time with. This can be family or friends or people who are generally positive that you have connected with.


  • Every morning when you wake up say ‘today is going to be a good day’ start your day with a positive thought and keep saying it throughout the day this attracts positivity and helps start the day right. This one small thought in the morning can change your day.


  • I personally think it is important to exercise to stay healthy and fit but also it helps us feel better about the day. Now I am not saying to do an hour’s workout everyday but it can be something like a 10-minute walk or a run around the area you live in or a quick 10-minute cardio workout. If you do like going to the gym and doing a workout do that or if you like swimming go to the pool regularly if like cycling get o your bike everyday and go cycling for half an hour or even an hour.


  • This may seem hard but mediating helps you focus on yourself and your breathing. Start slow and build this up. Every evening switch your phone off for 5-10 minutes and build that time up to 15-20 minutes. In this time focus on your breathing, forget about everything that has happened or anything you need to do for the next day put on some meditation music and just focus on your breathing and relax. I will link some links to the meditation music I use right at the end of the post.


  • Get out of comfort zone. I think this is important because after you have done whatever it is that is outside of your comfort zone you feel so good about yourself and makes you want to achieve much more. If anyone knows me knows I hate cycling I don’t know why but I have never really liked it even as a child once I managed to get a hold of the bike I managed to cycle around my area and I felt so good afterwards and I knew if I could get on a bike after an odd 10-15 years I can achieve so much more.


  • Smile! Smiling is the best thing. I cannot even say how much smiling helps. Smiling is contagious if you smile at someone in the streets that person will feel good about themselves and it make you feel good and happy.


  • Set yourself goals! Setting yourself goals that you want to achieve help with positivity these goals can be career focused, money focused, personal life focus anything. Setting yourself goals help you to work harder your mind is then driven to achieve these.


  • Read more! Reading helps extend your vocabulary but it also helps your mindset. By reading a book whether that is fiction, non-fiction or something to do with personal development your helping your mindset be the type of you want to be. You’re educating yourself and your mind.


  • Have notifications turned on for people you follow on social media. A lot of us use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat as platforms of communicating with people turn on notification for positive people that you follow whether they are celebrities or not they people will help you keep positive throughout the day. These positivity reminders will help you and keep you positive. I have notifications on for some of my friends, family but also celebrities such as Vex King, Kaushal, Zoella, Louise Pentland, Niomi Smart these are a few I am going to name. I will just like to add here as it links to two of the people I follow Kaushal and Vex King have positivity bracelets that you can buy- I will link the site at the end of this post but those bracelets get me a reminder throughout the day when I can’t reach my phone for whatever reason.


  • Have a routine! This may seem like a weird one but having a routine helps you be more productive with your day, which helps your mind but also helps you keep positive. I always have a daily routine of getting up making the bed and then going down for breakfast this means that a lot of the small daily tasks are done and I can focus on my meetings and other various things I have to do during the day.  By creating yourself a simple routine you are creating a better you, which helps you, keep positive.


  • Going with the idea of having a routine you should have a proper sleep. This may seem weird and you’re probably thinking how does having sleep help with keep positive? Well if you have the recommended amount of sleep (7 to 8 hours) this will not help you be productive but you will be well rested to ensure you can be extra productive during the day.


  • As mentioned before that am I a big believer in the law of attraction. A vision board is the next thing that helps me stay positive and keep positive. Create a vision board put your goals and dreams on the board, no matter how big or small the goal or dream put it on there, put the board where you can see it every day. This will keep you positive and it will be a daily reminder of what you are doing and why.


  • Look on the bright side of everything. Whenever something bad happens or negative like you don’t get that job you applied for or that car you wanted you couldn’t get. Think positive that these negative things that happen make us a better person and lead us to something better.


  • Self-love. Self-love is one of the most important things when it comes to keeping positive. Loving yourself will allow people to love you the way you love yourself including your flaws even Beyoncé has flaws no-one is important. Loving every part of you including the journey you have been on will bring you a lot more and will keep you positive.


  • Let it go. As Queen Elsa said *Let it Go Let it Go* just let it go don’t let anything bring you down nor take anything to heart even if it’s something negative. Any difficult situations you have been in don’t let it get the better of you in fact do the opposite, everything you go through or have gone through allows you to be a better version of yourself.


  • Eat Healthy. Eating healthy is just as important as having enough sleep. Maybe wondering how does eating healthy help with keeping positive? If you’re eating the right food for your body you will feel good not only from the inside but also on the outside. Which means a more positive you.


  • Believe in yourself. Believing in yourself is very important. If you believe you can do whatever you set your mind and heart to you will receive the results you want through self-belief. Believing in yourself will keep you positive throughout the day.


  • Avoid social comparison. We all compare ourselves to people on social media whether that is celebrities, friends or family social comparison will bring you down. Avoid comparing yourself to others on social media!


  • Judge less. Again, with idea of avoiding social comparison you should judge not only yourself less but also others around you. By judging less, you will bring positivity into your life.



Here are some useful links:

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Apps: Breathe, Headspace

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Comment below with your tips to staying positive and lets all share our tips and make our lives more positive.


My Graduation Story

Hi my lovelies. In this blog post I am going to talk about my graduation everything from looking for my dress to buying it, and then everything from my hair and make up to how the day went. Can’t believe it’s been a week already!


If you thought that buying a prom dress was hard then think again buying a dress for graduation was equally as hard. I tried on so many different styles, colours, prints and patterns in so many different stores. At one point I felt like giving up on looking for the dress. So firstly I decided I should set myself a budget this way I can look for something within my budget and it would make it easier when I go into stores I had a budget of £50 I then decided to look online see what’s in fashion and what things I actually liked whether it was the colour or the style and what was in my budget this helped me loads as I narrowed down my choice. After this myself and my sisters went into Westfields in White City to try on styles and colours I liked that were in my budget I slowly started to narrow down my search even more there were colours that didn’t suit me or styles that didn’t compliment the body shape I am I then managed to narrow it down to three dresses I went away and had a think about what dress I felt most confident in, the most me and most importantly the dress that complimented me in every way. The dress I decided to go for was a Lipsy London lace top bodycon dress in the colour cobalt. The dress screamed my name and made me feel like me and I wasn’t spending time adjusting anything that’s the last thing you want to do on your graduation when walking the stage.


Once I found my dress I had to think about my hair and makeup. I knew straight away I wanted to curl my hair there is something about curls that make your special day extra special so that what I went for. My makeup look was quite easy to decide, as I wanted something to compliment my dress so I went for a soft smokey eye using browns and beige colours with a nudey pink lip. I was originally going to do my hair and make up by myself but my younger sister told me not to take the extra stress and I had asked my sister-in-law to do it and my god was I relaxed in the morning I had told her what I wanted and what I liked and disliked as I knew what suits me and what doesn’t but also I had a vision of what I wanted and she created that vision and I can’t thank her enough! I have linked all the products she used at the end of the post (she mainly used NYX and Mac products) the curls she created with using a curling wand.


The day itself was so overwhelming its unreal after we parked up we went straight to campus centre to collect my robes and to get the family and individual portraits. Once I got my gown it hit me that this day is not only here but also its actually happening! A dream that was on my vision board for years was finally coming true! Once we did the photos we walked towards the marquee which was next to the Venue were our graduation was taking place. We walked through a park which is on campus called Castle Gardens where we took loads of photos big shout out to my younger siblings for taking all the photos!


Once we were in the Venue and left my family to go to my seat nerves kicked in! It was such a pleasure to see everyone on the course that I have spent the last two years working with (some of them was right from the start) and to celebrate all of our hard work, effort and achievement. Walking down the stage and collecting the most important piece of paper was emotional but I am so proud of all the obstacles I have overcome and everything I have learnt. Once I came off the stage I had a tear or two (yes my make up still stayed put and none could tell that I cried!) all I can say is everything I have done and learnt in the last few years has been amazing and I don’t think I can ever forget it. Once the ceremony was done I took a lot more photos with my family. And then headed back to my uncles house where I took another 100 photos and had a nice meal with my family.


I can’t believe I have a degree in Drama and I am one step closer to achieving my dream of becoming a drama teacher. It’s a day I’ll remember forever. I’ll just like to say a big thank you to everyone that has been apart of my journey and has given me all the love, support, encouragement and motivation I couldn’t of got my degree without any of you!


Dress: Lace Top Bodycon Dress- Lipsy London (Available at Next)

Heels: The Collection Black high stiletto heel court shoes Available at Debenhams

Make Up:

Base: Mac Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 Foundation in shade NW35 and NC15

Concealer: Mac Pro Longwear in shade NC20

Eye shadow: Antiqued, Sublime Nature, Blonde Minx

Eyeliner: Blacktrack liner

Mascara: Extend Play Mascara

Blush: NYX Sweet Cheeks- The dusty pink shade

Lips: NYX Nude Pink lip liner

NYX Tea Rose Lipstick

Nails were CND Shellac: I think that shade was either no 11 or 21

Thanks for reading! XO


Moving Back Home!


It’s hard to think that my time at university is over….. It was such a journey I have learnt so much about life and myself the experience will be unforgettable! I was emotional is the time up to leaving Leicester it became my second home and the place I got to grow up and learn so much more than I had imagined.


As I started to slowly pack my flat up I realised how many memories I have in my flat, around Leicester- the pubs, bars, clubs, and various other places. My room started to feel empty I started to feel that a big part of my life was quickly ending I hated the feeling but I kept reminding myself that I will be coming back and everything good has to end for a reason. This was a chapter in my life that I wrote and that will be with me forever but life has to move on I will learn new things, meet more people, achieve my dreams and goals that I have set.


The day that I was moving back to London was awful weather raining heavily, cold and windy one minute and the next it was sunny and blue skies- what do you expect in England hey?! My mum and dad drove up that afternoon to pick me up and every minute I felt so much more emotional! I managed to take over half of my stuff back to London the drive down wasn’t too bad. We didn’t get stuck in much traffic but due to the rain we did have to slow down a few times because it was so heavy! We got to see a few rainbows in the sky which made the drive back a lot better!


Before we drove back to London we drove to my nan’s house and we stayed there for an hour or so. My aunt had asked me to buy a vanilla buttercream cake from Brucciani which is an Italian café that sells pastries, cakes, ice creams artisan breads and much more. If you ever happen to be in Leicester you need to go to one of the café’s both are in the city centre. She wanted the cake to celebrate me finishing university and achieving everything I have achieved not only this year but over the three years!


Being back in London for this last week has been quite nice maybe the weather is playing a role in that but organising my room and wardrobe has to be the most enjoyable experience. I have spent time with my mum, dad and brother. When you haven’t been home for long you forget about the evenings in which you have family time, or eating dinner as a family. Being home is relaxing and I have managed to spend a lot of time with my family.


If any of you are moving back home from university any time soon or moving to university this year or moving house in general you should wear an outfit that is comfortable and easy to move around in. I think the outfit I wore helped the process of getting things out of my room and into the car so much more easier I wasn’t wasting time adjusting anything. I have linked all clothing items down below. I did wear an oversized denim jacket on top due to the rain the jacket was from Primark and I believe I was £15 which I try to link below too.


Adidas Original 3-Stripes T-Shirt £21.99 from Footasylum –

Adidas Essential 3-Stripes Tights £17.99 from Sportsdirect-


Puma No1 Logo Hoody £22.0 from Sportsdirect-

Converse All Star Low Black Canvas £44.99 from Office-,21/2413100347


Thank you for reading xo


My University Experience

IMG_9882I started De Montfort University, Leicester (DMU) in September 2013 studying Drama! It feels like a lifetime ago now! To sum up my first year I would say that I made a lot of friends on the course and on other courses. I had a lot of fun, nights out some of which I don’t remember, exploring Leicester and enjoyed the student life. I lived in halls and it was on campus so I could roll of bed, get dressed and leave ten minutes before class. I lived with four other girls and we shared a kitchen, I had a double size bed and en suite. I would say my first year was fairly easily and it was a journey from living with parents to living on my own and having to do everything for myself including the shopping- I realised how expensive some essentials really were! I’d say we had a fair share of problems in the flat- anything from your music is too loud (because the walls are super thin) to its your turn to take the kitchen bin to even arguing about the cleaning of kitchen and the corridor! I know we were all age 18 and arguing over petty things! After my first I decided to take a gap year your all probably thinking why would you do that?! I felt that I needed a break because I didn’t know what I wanted to really do after university I was unsure about whether I wanted to go into teaching or if I wanted to do theatre/film/TV I took this year out to help me make my decision, in the year I did make the decision of going into teaching in secondary school.


My second year I think I was excited and scared when it started, after a year out going back into education was scary but I was excited to get back into education in order to start teaching. I lived in private student accommodation in a studio flat I made friends within the accommodation and they made my second year memorable and fun! The flat was about a twenty-minute walk away from campus. I have to say that my second year at my DMU was one of the most difficult years. My grandmother was seriously ill and was in and out of hospital. With the help and support of my family and friends both university friends and friends back at home I finished my second year with flying colours. I learnt how to balance stressful situations at home and keeping fighting through everything at university deadlines, reading, performances and rehearsals. Towards the end of my second year I learnt so much about myself and how to keep fighting but I also learnt about who I should trust and who I shouldn’t. I think the highlight of my second year would be Leicester winning the Premier League everything was mental. The atmosphere, people, I lived pretty close to the stadium- can I just say it get really noisy! I was really excited about third year and the modules I had chosen I couldn’t of been happier with them one of my modules allowed me to work at a secondary school and this was in a step in the right direction.


My third and final year at DMU was stressful but a lot of fun too. With two of my best friends by my side motivating me, supporting me and cheering me on I finished my university experience. I lived in private student accommodation with a really good friend that I made in second year. We stayed in two beds flat and shared the kitchen. I loved my room it was big and spacious and is probably one of the quietest student accommodations I have either been in or lived in. It was a ten-minute walk away from campus so it was just perfect for all those late night library sessions. I think my third year was the best year ever! Why?! Because I had the opportunity to work at a secondary school in Leicester, and I learnt so much whilst I was there about teaching and it was an experience I can’t forget. I enjoyed every moment of working there my colleagues were all so supportive and welcoming. They were always there for any advice I needed and supported any decisions I had made or advice I had given them. Another reason why I would say this year was the best is because it made wiser decisions, I learnt to manage my stress levels, stay focused, motivated and positive through the whole year. I had two really supportive friends who were there for me no matter what and always kept me positive, I did not go home as much but I think that helped in fact because I was able to spend my weekends in the library studying. I would say that when I went home for Christmas I was so excited to see my family and spend time with them all. I didn’t go home for Easter but that was because I need to stay in Leicester and do my work. I’m sad to be leaving university and Leicester both I really don’t want the university experience to end nor do I want to a quiet city with beautiful historic buildings! But as they say all good things have to come to end!


Overall, I have enjoyed living in Leicester it has been nice living in a small city compared to London. I have become so much independent I have grown so much as a person too I have started to make wiser decisions, I have learnt how to deal with stress, how to budget, how to have a balance in life and most importantly I have learnt how to stay focused. I would say university has changed me not in a bad way but in a good way its given me vital life experiences and has allowed to have opportunities that I wouldn’t have received if I was not here. But for now this the end of this chapter of university and the end of this blog post!

Thank you for reading! XO