My University Experience

IMG_9882I started De Montfort University, Leicester (DMU) in September 2013 studying Drama! It feels like a lifetime ago now! To sum up my first year I would say that I made a lot of friends on the course and on other courses. I had a lot of fun, nights out some of which I don’t remember, exploring Leicester and enjoyed the student life. I lived in halls and it was on campus so I could roll of bed, get dressed and leave ten minutes before class. I lived with four other girls and we shared a kitchen, I had a double size bed and en suite. I would say my first year was fairly easily and it was a journey from living with parents to living on my own and having to do everything for myself including the shopping- I realised how expensive some essentials really were! I’d say we had a fair share of problems in the flat- anything from your music is too loud (because the walls are super thin) to its your turn to take the kitchen bin to even arguing about the cleaning of kitchen and the corridor! I know we were all age 18 and arguing over petty things! After my first I decided to take a gap year your all probably thinking why would you do that?! I felt that I needed a break because I didn’t know what I wanted to really do after university I was unsure about whether I wanted to go into teaching or if I wanted to do theatre/film/TV I took this year out to help me make my decision, in the year I did make the decision of going into teaching in secondary school.


My second year I think I was excited and scared when it started, after a year out going back into education was scary but I was excited to get back into education in order to start teaching. I lived in private student accommodation in a studio flat I made friends within the accommodation and they made my second year memorable and fun! The flat was about a twenty-minute walk away from campus. I have to say that my second year at my DMU was one of the most difficult years. My grandmother was seriously ill and was in and out of hospital. With the help and support of my family and friends both university friends and friends back at home I finished my second year with flying colours. I learnt how to balance stressful situations at home and keeping fighting through everything at university deadlines, reading, performances and rehearsals. Towards the end of my second year I learnt so much about myself and how to keep fighting but I also learnt about who I should trust and who I shouldn’t. I think the highlight of my second year would be Leicester winning the Premier League everything was mental. The atmosphere, people, I lived pretty close to the stadium- can I just say it get really noisy! I was really excited about third year and the modules I had chosen I couldn’t of been happier with them one of my modules allowed me to work at a secondary school and this was in a step in the right direction.


My third and final year at DMU was stressful but a lot of fun too. With two of my best friends by my side motivating me, supporting me and cheering me on I finished my university experience. I lived in private student accommodation with a really good friend that I made in second year. We stayed in two beds flat and shared the kitchen. I loved my room it was big and spacious and is probably one of the quietest student accommodations I have either been in or lived in. It was a ten-minute walk away from campus so it was just perfect for all those late night library sessions. I think my third year was the best year ever! Why?! Because I had the opportunity to work at a secondary school in Leicester, and I learnt so much whilst I was there about teaching and it was an experience I can’t forget. I enjoyed every moment of working there my colleagues were all so supportive and welcoming. They were always there for any advice I needed and supported any decisions I had made or advice I had given them. Another reason why I would say this year was the best is because it made wiser decisions, I learnt to manage my stress levels, stay focused, motivated and positive through the whole year. I had two really supportive friends who were there for me no matter what and always kept me positive, I did not go home as much but I think that helped in fact because I was able to spend my weekends in the library studying. I would say that when I went home for Christmas I was so excited to see my family and spend time with them all. I didn’t go home for Easter but that was because I need to stay in Leicester and do my work. I’m sad to be leaving university and Leicester both I really don’t want the university experience to end nor do I want to a quiet city with beautiful historic buildings! But as they say all good things have to come to end!


Overall, I have enjoyed living in Leicester it has been nice living in a small city compared to London. I have become so much independent I have grown so much as a person too I have started to make wiser decisions, I have learnt how to deal with stress, how to budget, how to have a balance in life and most importantly I have learnt how to stay focused. I would say university has changed me not in a bad way but in a good way its given me vital life experiences and has allowed to have opportunities that I wouldn’t have received if I was not here. But for now this the end of this chapter of university and the end of this blog post!

Thank you for reading! XO



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