Moving Back Home!


It’s hard to think that my time at university is over….. It was such a journey I have learnt so much about life and myself the experience will be unforgettable! I was emotional is the time up to leaving Leicester it became my second home and the place I got to grow up and learn so much more than I had imagined.


As I started to slowly pack my flat up I realised how many memories I have in my flat, around Leicester- the pubs, bars, clubs, and various other places. My room started to feel empty I started to feel that a big part of my life was quickly ending I hated the feeling but I kept reminding myself that I will be coming back and everything good has to end for a reason. This was a chapter in my life that I wrote and that will be with me forever but life has to move on I will learn new things, meet more people, achieve my dreams and goals that I have set.


The day that I was moving back to London was awful weather raining heavily, cold and windy one minute and the next it was sunny and blue skies- what do you expect in England hey?! My mum and dad drove up that afternoon to pick me up and every minute I felt so much more emotional! I managed to take over half of my stuff back to London the drive down wasn’t too bad. We didn’t get stuck in much traffic but due to the rain we did have to slow down a few times because it was so heavy! We got to see a few rainbows in the sky which made the drive back a lot better!


Before we drove back to London we drove to my nan’s house and we stayed there for an hour or so. My aunt had asked me to buy a vanilla buttercream cake from Brucciani which is an Italian café that sells pastries, cakes, ice creams artisan breads and much more. If you ever happen to be in Leicester you need to go to one of the café’s both are in the city centre. She wanted the cake to celebrate me finishing university and achieving everything I have achieved not only this year but over the three years!


Being back in London for this last week has been quite nice maybe the weather is playing a role in that but organising my room and wardrobe has to be the most enjoyable experience. I have spent time with my mum, dad and brother. When you haven’t been home for long you forget about the evenings in which you have family time, or eating dinner as a family. Being home is relaxing and I have managed to spend a lot of time with my family.


If any of you are moving back home from university any time soon or moving to university this year or moving house in general you should wear an outfit that is comfortable and easy to move around in. I think the outfit I wore helped the process of getting things out of my room and into the car so much more easier I wasn’t wasting time adjusting anything. I have linked all clothing items down below. I did wear an oversized denim jacket on top due to the rain the jacket was from Primark and I believe I was £15 which I try to link below too.


Adidas Original 3-Stripes T-Shirt £21.99 from Footasylum –

Adidas Essential 3-Stripes Tights £17.99 from Sportsdirect-


Puma No1 Logo Hoody £22.0 from Sportsdirect-

Converse All Star Low Black Canvas £44.99 from Office-,21/2413100347


Thank you for reading xo


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